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Saturday, July 04, 2020

21/05 - 3rd Fair of Professions On-Line

College Trilingual Innovation celebrates the fact of continuing with the schedule of events planned for 2020, ensuring the continuity of the teaching and learning process through this new way of teaching and learning.

It happened through the digital platform available in STIGE (Trilingual System of School Management Innovation), on-line, in real time, on the 23rd and 24th of April, the 3rd Professions Fair for the 8th and 9th grade students II and High School.

In the opportunity, the students visualized the future professional reality that they wish to work, receiving from parents of the school community the testimony of their work areas, remuneration, possibilities of acting in the market and challenges in this pandemic moment.

We thank the parents: Aureane Mignon, Bruno de Castro Ribeiro, Marcos Bigolin, Márcia da Rocha, Evandro da Silva Nicola, Elsa Maria Rambo, Fernanda Schwanke Bianchet, Cristiane Petri Zanardo de Melo, Fabiana de Marco Mascarello Peruzzolo, Marina da Aparecida Vaz De Assis , Luana Becker Ferronato, Giselle Caon de Souza and Diogo Alexander de Oliveira, for participating in the 3rd Online Professions Fair and for sharing their professional experiences, in order to build a better future for our students.

ON-LINE classes, in real time! Innovating with you, transforming your future!

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