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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

21/08 - College Trilingual Innovation obtains accreditation, conferred by the State Education Council, for language teaching

Trilingual education opens up perspectives of the world, from a cultural, professional and, above all, human coexistence point of view.

The College offers a trilingual education in Portuguese, English and Spanish and, in addition to languages, it also develops digital literacy. For that, it is not enough to just take classes in languages. It is necessary to have an environment in which languages ​​have the same importance, even if with different functions.

The teaching staff is made up of a majority of educators fluent in languages, some native, others who have become trilingual, with a multicultural vision and who understand and respect the process of acquiring an additional language.

The methodology aims to develop a solid foundation in academic Portuguese and offer classes in English and Spanish.

The College also makes it possible for students to contact students from local and international schools, so that they interact in languages, according to contexts and purposes. Music festivals, theater shows, sports competitions, debates on world and multicultural issues are some events in which students are present, developing their linguistic and cultural skills.

TOEFL and SIELE proficiency tests are offered annually to students and measure the quality of teaching developed by the College.

We are also part of the Oxford Quality program, provided through a partnership with Oxford University Press. With this, the Educational Institution reaffirms, for example, its commitment to the use of quality materials and technological resources for language learning, striving for pedagogical excellence in the teaching of foreign languages.


College Trilingual Innovation offers language teaching, in the regular curriculum, from kindergarten to high school.

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