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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

13/08 - Trilíngue – The Best School in The State in Enem

A consolidated project, the Trilíngue Inovação School, besides reaching the first place among the Chapecó schools in ENEM (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio – National High School Exam) for four consecutive years, stands out as a reference in teaching excellence in Santa Catarina, winning also the first place in the state in ENEM.

In just seven years of history, the Trilíngue – the school which was developed by a group of concerned parents to provide a better future for their children – celebrated with great joy this achievement: we are the best state school in ENEM.

According to official figures released by INEP (Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisas Educacionais Anísio Teixeira – National Institute of Educational Studies Anísio Teixeira), the Trilíngue Inovação School stands as the best educational institution in the state of Santa Catarina.

In its first participation in ENEM, in 2011, the School received the 684th position in the national ranking and 18th place in the state. In 2012, we began to occupy the 354th national position, reaching the 9th position among the state schools and, in 2013, the position of 3rd best high school in the state of Santa Catarina and 358th national position. Now, in 2014, the School celebrates, in addition to the 1st place for the fourth consecutive year among the schools in the city, the 1st of Santa Catarina in ENEM in 2014, reaching 161st national position in a universe contested for more than 15 thousand schools.

Despite the great importance of these numbers, we can not fail to mention other achievements that are celebrated every year by the School, as the 100% pass rate in the vestibular. All students are approved in universities and crowded courses such as Medicine, where we have six approvals, only in 2014 - UFSC, UFSM, UFT, UFFS, ACAFE and IMED.

In addition, the School holds two international awards, V and VII Prêmio Ibero-americano de Excelência Educativa (Award Iberoamerican Educational Excellence), received in 2008, in Ecuador, and in 2010, in Mexico. There are still part of our history the highlighted Writing Contests, Regional and Brazilian Olympics of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy, adding numerous medals.

For the teacher Paulo Sergio Dietrich, high school coordinator and teacher of Mathematics and Physics of the School, this achievement is the result of lessons be developed with educational resources in order to prepare students to obtain approval in the most crowded vestibulars in Brazil. "Every year is a new class of Terceirão (3rd grade High School) with new goals to be achieved", emphasizes the teacher.

Word from the principal

"We are an audacious project, which was called utopia and, every year, has shown its excellence. It is a victory for the Trilíngue Inovação School and also to Chapecó celebrate this placement of best school in the state of Santa Catarina in ENEM. This position is a great academic achievement, but the School does not search only that, we offer 'a new way of teaching and learning', with trilingual education from Nursery to High School, awakening the taste for knowledge construction. Once again, thank God, the Steering Committee of Parents, the support and trust of parents, the interest and dedication of the students and the competent and loving work of the teaching staff and other employees who actually show up committed to teaching excellence and comprehensive training to prepare our students for life, for the labor market and the world, in a warm and stimulating environment. Thus, our students, besides winning their professional space, certainly leave marks on society and, especially, will be happy. "

MD Gislaine Moreira Nunes