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Monday, June 24, 2019

17/12 - Graduates of the 9th Year 2018 - Elementary School II

It is with great joy that the College Trilingual Innovation celebrates the completion of a cycle, the passage of such an important stage in the life of our students.

Congratulations to the graduates of the 9th Year 2018 - Elementary School II:

  • Alejandra Rojas Oshima
  • Ana Clara da Rosa Missio
  • Andre Guimarães Galli
  • Andressa da Rosa Schein
  • Arthur Zarpelon Anhalt
  • Caetano Kaempf Farret
  • Eduarda Gabrielly Del Moral
  • Isadora Cieckovicz
  • Julia Monari
  • Lara Furlanetto
  • Luís Gustavo Vendruscolo
  • Luiza Vargas Bitencourt
  • Matheus Henrique Mesacasa
  • Narciso Giovane Nunes Baez
  • Pedro Estevão Ghettino Guzatti
  • Raissa Alves de Toledo
  • Verônica Pedroso Cazzarotto Sabadin
  • Vitória Schimitt Chiella

We long for you to continue to explore this immense world of knowledge and never forget that the greatest wealth is within you.

"We thank God, our families, our friends, our teachers, our collaborators and, above all, our graduates. We wish that you can walk a path of light, full of great discoveries, achievements and infinite joys! 

Manager, Me. Gislaine Moreira Nunes