24/10 - Children's Week in Trilingual

A magical week, of many adventures and joys, was thus marked the Children's Day Week at College Trilingual Innovation. In the hands of the little ones, the world becomes a fairy tale, because in the innocence of a childish smile, anything is possible. Questioning and playing, the child is always evolving, transforming this world into a Paradise.

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14/10 - XI Trilingual Scientific Congress

For over a decade, the College Trilingual Innovation has promoted the Trilingual Scientific Congress. The event took place on October 3 and aims to disseminate knowledge and enable students to contact the research, as well as the exercise of the three languages ​​worked in the College (Portuguese, English and Spanish), using the methodology recommended by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT). From the 6th grade of elementary school, students are encouraged to enter the Scientific Initiation in a specific subject, already in preparation for the academic world of higher education.

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25/09 - Week Traffic TRI

The College Trilingual Innovation received the traffic agents Marijane, Fabrício and Juliano from the Chapecó Municipal Traffic Guard, who provided important clarifications about the National Traffic Week. We appreciate the guidance on basic driver and pedestrian care and the time to relax with our students.

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