08/01 - Spanish Language Immersion Travel in Buenos Aires - Argentina

Approximately 32 students from the 8th grade of elementary school to the 2nd year of high school at College Trilingual Innovation, together with teachers, made a study trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, from July 11 to 17, 2019, during which they were able to exercise their skills. foreign language within a natural and everyday situation. There were seven days of cultural exchange with total immersion in the Spanish language and educational tours, where they made learning and responsibility a healthy adventure.

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07/10 - 1º place of Chapecó in ENEM 2018

The College Trilingual Innovation celebrates, for the seventh time, the conquest of the first place of Chapecó in the National Exam of High School; twice, ranked 3rd in Santa Catarina in the ENEM; and in 2014 it was first place of the State in the examination. Founded just 11 years ago, at the initiative of a group of parents, the College Trilingual Innovation is a benchmark in teaching excellence in human and social-emotional formation, with trilingual teaching, robotics and the intelligence school of Dr. Augusto Cury in the curriculum .

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03/07 - Arraiá TRI 2019

A lot of joy, dance and typical foods marked the Arraiá TRI 2019 on the sunny and beautiful afternoon of Saturday, June 29!

With the passing of the years, this date continues to arouse the interest of children and adults, provoking the sensation of remembering the customs, admiring clothes and language characteristic and, mainly, amusing all the Trilingual Family!

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