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Saturday, August 20, 2022


The Trilingual Innovation School performed a great opening ceremony of its physical structure. The ceremony is open to the public and are already confirmed for this event several federal, state and local entrepreneurs from more than one hundred companies that helped in the implementation of this project, press, parents, students and the community.

Opening the event will be possible to make a visit, guided by teachers, the different environments that were designed to make the process enjoyable teaching and learning, from preschool through high school.

Cutting-edge technology built environments

The engineer who developed the architectural design, Luzia Mass, explains the structure of the Trilingual College Innovation is designed to be a warm, with many openings, gardens and natural light. Moreover, living areas were created with warm colors and spaces for students to interact with nature.

Another difference, highlighted by the engineer, is the fact that the physical structure has three inputs and independent living spaces for students according to their grades and ages. The classrooms are equipped with air conditioners, data show and sound system connected to laptops for teachers. In the school of sports students have four climbing walls to practice climbing and rappelling. The purpose of this activity, which occurs in physical education classes, is to develop self-confidence, overcoming challenges, a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

The educational coordinator, adding that because the proposal is to develop the college student in the quest for knowledge independently, guided and led by teachers, each course has a classroom theme, decorated with its own related the area of ​​knowledge worked there.

International standard of quality in education

The Trilingual Innovation School is an educational institution designed to prepare children, youth and adults for life, for the market and the world. The educational project and the method of teaching and learning were built to foster in students a taste for knowledge and pleasure in studying, in a playful and affectionate environment where learning occurs naturally.

The faculty is comprised of Doctors, Masters and Specialists, using attractive teaching methods associated with the technology to ensure that students build knowledge in depth.

All activities are held in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish, from kindergarten through high school, making students fluent, without the need for a supplement in language schools.

To achieve these objectives are performed 6 hours per day, which ensures, throughout the year, 200 more classroom hours of study than is required by the LDB. Thus, students of the Trilingual Innovation School, during the 12 years of school life, have added the equivalent of more than 2400 hours of study that is worked in a traditional college.

This new way of teaching and learning has received international recognition, being awarded, in August this year, the V Ibero-American Prize for Excellence in Education, the most important international award granted every year to educational institutions in Latin America that stand out for innovative projects.

The award was granted by the Ibero-American Council in Honor of educational quality, international education institution, formed by the UNESCO Chair of Education and other agencies in Latin America and the United States.