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Saturday, August 20, 2022


Innovation Trilingual School came into existence from parents desire to offer their children a differentiative education, it is an educational institution with the objective to be a reference in Basic Education in the West of Santa Catarina, through scientific, technological, linguistic, human, social and cultural formations in its students.

Among the differences, it is possible to point out:

  • The trilingual teaching, which objective is to guarantee command in the abilities such as listening, speaking, reading and writing in the three languages – Portuguese, English and Spanish;
  • Technological formation, know how to use the operational systems Linux and Microsoft – Office and OpenOffice;
  • Scientific formation, with the development of independence in terms of searching and building knowledge;
  • Human, social and cultural formation, with the understanding and respect to the values and differences presented in the community;
  • Physics structure, with more than 3.800m2 of building area, divided in three groups – group from the 1st to the 5th grades of elementary school, group from the 6th to 9th grades of elementary school and the group from high school;
  • Syllabus with English, Spanish and Computer classes since pre-school;
  • Classes are in the afternoon, there are six classes of 50 minutes each;
  • Teachers staff, composed by specialists, masters and doctors willing to guarantee the concrete teaching and learning process;
  • The pedagogical proposal, that incentivates the knowledge construction through interacting and changing experiences;
  • The teaching methodology, with the objective to keep the students in the center of activities; 
  • The theme classrooms, where students go to search for information;
  • The interdisciplinarity, the same contents are learned and taught by all knowledge areas; 
  • The educational material, by searching and analysing different authors;
  • The school uniform, suitable for each segment. 
In this way, Trilingual Innovation School proposes a new way to teach and to learn, guiding human beings more prepared for the life, for the market and for the world.