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Saturday, August 20, 2022


One of the main differentiators of Innovation is trilingual teaching, developing the mastery of Portuguese, English and Spanish since early childhood education. A trend already successfully developed in large centers.

With a process of teaching and learning foreign languages ​​since pre-literacy, children develop fluency in communication and complete assimilation of languages. With the study methodology of English and Spanish, in an intensive and integrated way with the other contents, Innovation students end high school with proficiency certificates and able to communicate fluently in the languages ​​offered, without the need for complementary courses, which represents a great differential for life.

In addition, in the interdisciplinary proposal offered by Inovação, the pedagogical team develops, in an integrated manner, a program of classes that allows the construction of the same knowledge in the different areas of knowledge and in three languages. This interactivity allows the teaching and learning process to be stimulated permanently and that the information covered can transcend the disciplines, which makes learning more interesting and pleasurable.

Thus, Colégio Trilíngue Inovação gives its students a certificate of proficiency in languages ​​approved by the State Council of Education. At the end of each language level, the student receives a specific certificate for the level reached by him.

How does it work?

In order for our students to really master the language, we follow the same natural way of teaching and learning by which we learn our mother tongue, that is, we first develop listening and speaking skills and then think about reading and writing.

The didactic material used for the classes is also a determining factor for the students' learning success. In this way, we work with materials from first world publishers, who have proven their effectiveness over time
(Oxford and Santillana). In addition, students have educational materials such as native literature, audios that will be made available in the classroom, as well as videos addressing real subjects and situations of interest to each age.

Our experience in teaching languages ​​in different contexts, levels and models of schools, our motivating classes, which address everyday situations and stimulate interest in learning, our didactic and paradidactic materials with activities that include listening, speaking, reading and writing skills , and the practical development of proficiency in terms of mastery and use of the studied language, concretize the process of teaching and learning English and Spanish.