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Saturday, December 07, 2019


One of the main differential aspect from Innovation is the Trilingual Teaching, developing proficiency in Portuguese, English and Spanish since pre-school. It is a tendency that has successfully been developed in big centers.

With a teaching and learning process of foreign languages since pre-literacy, children are able to develop fluency in communication and a full assim ilation of the languages. The methodology of studying English and Spanish in an intensive and integrated way with the other subjects guarantees to Innovation students to conclude high school with certificates of proficiency and enable them to communicate fluently in the languages, with no need to look for extra language courses, which represents a great difference for life.

Besides it, in the interdisciplinary proposal offered by Innovation, the pedagogical team develops, in an integrated way, a class program that becomes possible to build the same knowledge in the several areas of knowledge and in three languages. This interactivity allows that  teaching and learning are motivated permanently and that the approached information  in the subjects become interesting and enjoyable.

The Trilingual Innovation School follows the same systems as languages schools do and awards students with language proficiency certificate approved by the government educational department. So far, the English class happens four times a week and Spanish class three times a week. By the end of each language level, the student receives a specific certificate according to the level that s/he reached.

How will it work?

One of the main differences from Trilingual Innovation School is to guarantee that by the end of high school, our students are profficient in the languages  and  they do not  need to take extra language class in language schools.Therefore, to get our objectives, the natural method of  teaching and learning a native language will be used, listening and speaking skills first and after reading and writing.

Allied to this methodology, we count on variables that  represent primordial roles so that the linguistic success is reached, like our teachers that, besides theory- methodological foundation, academic formation, they trust on a vast experience of languages as in language schools as in  regular and  private schools, they are proficient so lessons will be taught in the target language in our thematic rooms, where the environment will be prepared visually in a way to stimulate the communication of the pupils, who go in search for the knowledge from the 5th to 8th grades, in a welcoming environment, which remind their houses; the number of 25 students per group, that allows an individualized service.

The educational material used for the lessons is also a determinative factor for the success or not for the students learning. In this way, we will be working with publishers' materials of high quality, which have already proved their efficiency along the times, like Cambridge and Oxford. Besides, the learners will be able to have in disposal extra materials such as native literature, sounds in mp3, that will be available in classroom and in our website, as well as videos with subjects and real situations of interest for each age.

So, with our theoretical, methodological and educational foundation, our experience in the teaching of languages in different contexts, levels and models of schools, our lessons will be interesting, approaching daily situations to stimulate the interest for the apprenticeship, the educational and paraeducational materials with activities that contemplate the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and the practical development of the proficiency in terms acquiring the language, we are sure to make the process of teaching and learning English and Spanish real.