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Wednesday, June 29, 2022


The Trilingual Innovation School,that is initiating its activities in Chapecó, is compared to a first world school, with its innovatory pedagogical proposal. The new method of teaching and learning will develop in thestudent skills in three languages, control over technological tools, besides stimulating the students, in the creative and differentiated form, in search for knowledge.

The Trilingual Innovation School appears in Chapecó for the necessity of offering to the school community a process of teaching and quality learning that, besides guaranteeing proficiency in three languages – Portuguese, English and Spanish – and thecontrol over technological tools, it could secure in the learner the development of independence in the search for the knowledge. With these objectives, there is the necessity to systemize the process of teaching and learning that could pay attention to the education expectations of the school community and guarantee the reach of the proposed objectives.

For this pedagogical proposal be real, among the conceptions theoretician - methodological postulated in the different currents of thought along the history, it is necessary to consider the contributions of Vygotsky, who defends the idea of which the acquisition of the knowledge is determined by the social group that the individual is inserted, by the historical moment in which s/he is living and for the culture that this group represents; of Piaget, who believes that the individual presents cognitive development, psicomotor, emotionally and affectionately specially for each one of the stages of development, which must be taken into account for a better understanding of the school performance that s/he presents; of Skinner, who argues that a better understanding of the behaviour of each individual and the positive stimulus they represent variables that are essential for a good learning; of Montessori, that suggests a line of freedom and respect to the person and that s/he is able to pay attention to the interests and necessity; and Gardner, who postulates the development of multiple intelligences.

In this way, in spite of adopting as a north axle the Theory of Social-Cultural-historical from Vigotsky, which suggests that the process of teaching and learning takes place through the construction of  knowledge and by the social and cultural environment in which the subject is inserted, turning the subject intoan active and responsible, conscious and orientated subject, to reach determined objectives in the interaction with other subjects, the educators of the Trilingual Innovation  School will be based on other conceptions theoretician - methodological so far as they are positioned before their students.