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Saturday, August 20, 2022


The Project

The Project Children and Youth Solidarity aims to help people financially needy. For that, campaigns, raffles and collecting food, clothing, shoes, toys and school supplies.


This idea emerged during science class with Professor Silvana, when she got a video on nutrition and malnutrition that showed also social inequalities. The student told Marya Angelica Maria Paula: "That bad conscience!" Maria Paula then said: "How about we make a ONG to help people?" The two talked with friends and later with the Manager. The original intention was to collect non-perishable food that combined with the weights Gislaine about winter and Christmas, the campaign expanded to involve the entire college and then came all that exists today.


  1. Raising funds through raffles, teas, gifts, sale gifts, t-shirts and tickets for climbing and rappelling;
  2. Distribute the funds collected to achieve the proposed objectives;
  3. Getting the donation of toys and clothes in good condition;
  4. Training Committee parent volunteers to help organize and run the project;
  5. Search the donation of nonperishable food next to the businesses and the community - in places of great movement of people;
  6. Disseminate and seek the support of all the college for the campaign;
  7. Make this campaign twice a year (April to June and October to December);
  8. Introduced the campaign at a meeting of teachers, the management committee and the parents' meeting;
  9. Distributing campaign flyers for parents in and out of school;
  10. Encourage students to, and make their donations, participating as volunteers distributing the materials collected and thus becoming aware of the importance of solidarity;
  11. Experiencing experiences that awaken to social responsibility;
  12. Learn to develop a project for the community, prompting the positive leadership;
  13. Show the importance of planning, organizing and channeling many efforts to achieve a goal;
  14. Developing citizenship through participation in social projects that reach the community;
  15. Facing challenges and disappointments inherent in the implementation of a project, developing tolerance and persistence.

Proponents of the initial idea:

  • Gabriela Schmidt
  • Marya Angelica Favero Larini
  • Ieda Priscila Rüdiger Bombardelli
  • Maria Paula Winckler de Souza
  • Luíza Almeida Sandrin


  • Lucca Morais Massa
  • Fernando Gomide
  • Natan Baldissera
  • Arthur Röhrig Sbeghen
  • Letícia Chiella
  • Narciso Guilherme Nunes Baez

Teachers initially involved:

  • Silvana da Cunha
  • Gislaine Baez

Teachers subsequently involved:

  • Denise Stolf
  • José Valderi da Silva
  • Miriam Tiecher Borges


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